Lil Mo: ‘I’ve Been Married Three Times, But Only The Last One Counted’

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Lil Mo has been down the aisle several times. First with her ex-husband Al Stone, but they divorced after nearly five years together in late 2005.

She then married gospel artist and producer Phillip Bryant. The couple had two sons together, but officially divorced in 2014 after she caught him cheating on her.

She didn’t waste anytime by marrying amateur boxer Karl Dargan. Not only that, but she opened up to Global Grind about why she has married so many times.

“Just don’t be afraid of it. Stuff happens. People grow apart. Sometimes people grow apart after 40 years. I’m glad mine were six years a piece. And I got over it. I kept it moving,” she said. “I never became a victim of becoming the single, angry, Black woman that they think we all are. No, I never gave up on love.”

She added, “I’ve seen my parents be together and…

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Kobe Bryant on Julius Randle playing with Kobe, for Byron Scott: ‘If you f— this up, you’re a really big idiot’

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Lakers coach Byron Scott is trying to motivate rookie Julius Randle by publicly calling him out for not being in good enough shape. Repeatedly.

If that seems harsh, you should see Kobe Bryant’s words for the No. 7 pick.

Remember, this is the same Kobe who called ESPN voters who ranked him the NBA’s 40th-best player “idiots.”

[nbcsports_video src=// width=620 height=349]

Kobe on Randle playing with Kobe, for Scott:

If you f— this up, you’re a really big idiot. You know what I mean? ESPN are idiots, but you’re a really big idiot if you manage to f— this up.

Unfortunately, it really doesn’t work that way. The best players, even those with championship experience, don’t necessarily make the best mentors and coaches. They can’t just transfer their knowledge and skills through osmosis.

While Kobe has played for the Lakers, a dozen other first-round picks have made their…

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Voter To Obama: “Don’t Touch My Girlfriend!”

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cooperWhen President Barack Obama (pictured) cast his ballot on the first day of early voting in his home state of Illinois, little did he know he would be accused of stealing someone?s girlfriend!

As the press snapped away, voter Mike Jones, seized the opportunity to joke with Obama about touching his girlfriend fellow voter Aia Cooper (pictured), according to KFOR-TV.

As Obama stood next to Cooper, Jones suddenly teased, ?Don?t touch my girlfriend, now!? Cooper, who was taken aback by her guy?s boldness, told KFOR, ?I didn’t know what to say. I was just shaking. I said ‘oh. boy, this is the President. What am I supposed to do.?”

Our ?cool like dat? Prez went with the flow of the moment and played along stating, “There’s an example of a brother — just embarrassing me for no reason. Just for no good reason,? he joked.  Obama then went on…

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