COMMENTARY: Eric Holder Says My Brother’s Keeper May Be Obama’s Greatest Legacy

Originally posted on Black America Web:

For U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, America’s top lawyer, father, and self-described social activist, uplifting the nation’s Black boys and young men of color is not just a priority, it’s a principled mission.

Sitting at a long desk in a cavernous conference room inside the U.S Department of Justice, Holder, the nation’s first Black U.S. Attorney General, talks with passion and purpose when asked about President Barack Obama’s ambitious initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper,” a sweeping plan to empower the America’s young black men.

“When we think about the legacy of this President, I think this will be one of those critical parts,” Holder told me.
“I think to put the full weight of the presidency and the federal government behind an effort that is directed at a community within our nation that has for too long at best been forgotten and at worse mistreated, to mobilize the weight of…

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